Golf Facilities

Back9 develops revenue generating technology for the golf industry. Providing booking products and membership platforms to Clubs, Federation and ‘Blue Chip’ Corporates since 2016, we don’t just install and depart, but prefer to analyse and suggest solutions that will benefit owners, operators and members alike.

Golf management solution

Powerful Revenue Generating Club Technology

Back9’s licensed software connects a club to websites, apps, corporates and societies

Why us?

We make it easy for leisure facilities to sell online, manage inventory and control rates through a modern, intuitive web-based dashboard. Back9 aims to empower facilities to maximise revenues and provide increased digital pathways for customers to book.

Operational Efficiency

Back9 technology allows clubs to manage their member, guest and visitor bookings more easily through a mobile-optimised dynamic tee sheet management solution.

Increased Reach

Back9 connects clubs to 1000’s of new customers from aggregated booking sites to corporates, societies, virtual clubs and a wealth of strategic partners, through our Connect program.

Smart Automation

‘Smart’ technology allows clubs to automate processes including price fluctuations dictated by occupancy, booking windows, privilege based pricing and much more.

Real Time Analytics

Manageable data allows clubs to ‘slice and dice’ their booking info to empower their decision making and provide a greater understanding of customer habits and all revenue streams.

Disruptive Vision

Back9 challenges traditional norms within the golf industry to provide digital solutions that enable clubs to revolutionize operations, enhancing engagement and experiences.

Golf Technologists

We live and breath technology, and our commitment to continuously evolve features and functionality is at the forefront of Back9’s pledge to our partner clubs, users and partners.

Increase your reach through our partners

Back9 works with clubs, societies, virtual clubs, corporates and marketplaces to connect your club with active golfers.

Better technology, evolving functionality

Back9’s smart technology for the golf and leisure industry makes your business more efficient, more accessible and more connected, while unlocking new revenue streams.

Online Bookings

A flexible tee sheet solution that facilitates member, guest and visitor bookings with all the functionality you would expect from a modern provider.

Rate Management

An intelligent rate management system makes complex rate configurations simple with interlinked and dynamic pricing capabilities.

Promo Codes & Packages

Drive revenue and traffic with promo codes and multi-facility packages. Enhance reciprocal agreements with marginalized rates and benefits.

Digital Membership

Sell memberships online utilising a seamless onboarding experience. Provide payment options with upfront fees or scheduled installments.

Let’s get you started!

Create a Back9 account and start the process of revolutionizing your clubs’ online revenue and reach. If you’re not quite ready yet reach out to our team.